Saturday, November 25, 2006

teacher bloggers (for own reference)

Revival of a Singapore Teacher's Life
A primary school teacher in a "well-known school". Honestly expressive about her(?) problems and disappointment with her circumstances, but pledges to help her students to reach their fullest potential.
[Addendum: She has since blogged that she is not "disappointed", only "consciously aware" of her circumstances]

Light-hearted posts authored by boredslacker, who has her personal blog separate from this one. Appparently she is in NIE, but gives lots of tuition by the side.

Trisha Reloaded
Familiar to those of us who frequent Intelligent Singaporean, Trisha teaches in a secondary school, and is a also a "struggling but cheerful mother, pragmatic wife, lover of gadgets and all things that have a computer chip in it".

Flying Low
Authored by Piper, an unhappy teacher in a secondary school, an Arsenal fan and an FFXII addict, (and also not someone unfamiliar to Intelligent Singaporean). I have a hard time imagining the Piper to be a female, but apparently she is.
[Addendum: Piper has also blogged in response to what is written here. She says that she is actually pretty happy where she is, and is not unhappy. She just believes things could be much better.]

A Pedagogue's Progress
English and History graduate from Dartmouth College. Currently in NIE, and judging from the 2 year gap between graduation and enrollment in NIE, kungfuzi is also probably a PSC scholar.

Voice of a Young Singaporean Teacher
Teacher in a secondary school, and devout Christian. So devout that he(?) would rather go for his Christian cell group and miss his school's annual dinner. Which probably didn't go well down with his Head of Department.

Wind in my Head
This teacher seems to be a GP teacher in a JC, possibly in a school with through-train. Her blog does not say much about her work, but is a joy to read. She is also a "WoW widow and despises the game with every fiber of the body."

To See a World in a Grain of Sand
This was once a blog, but apparently this teacher's students (primary school it seems) found the blog and spammed insults, and she ended up moving the blog to a new location (which I cannot locate). Most disheartening an affair.

Blogging from my Mackie
A Mac user, and currently a student in NUS, but who hopes to become a teacher. Perhaps is already an MOE scholar/award holder.

Stressed Teacher
A secondary school teacher in an all-girls school. Very well written. This is actually my favourite blog among them all.

Soul Education
Not a blog with a huge archive, but clearly authored by a teacher who was unhappy with his/her circumstances and recently got his/her transfer accepted to another school.

[Addendum (07/10/07): Many of these blogs are no longer updated or even around. As there is still a number of people who regularly visit this post, let me point you towards a new blog that has, I think, a more extensive list of teacher bloggers. ]

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