Friday, November 10, 2006

goh meng seng + penal code

wah kao. so many pple blogging about the penal code. this may be the next big wave to hit the blogosphere siah. as for me ah, the whole incident (plus comments by yawning bread) reminded me about a project in philosophy i wanted to do some time ago, and blue is doing it now. i understand it look quite cheem at first ah, but if you slowly read all the posts in order then maybe you can understand it a bit better lah.

but other than the ramifications for homosexuals ah, another thing which makes me say "harh??" is the whole "wound religious feelings" thing. what the heck u mean by "religious feelings?" me is scared that, since 'religious feelings' so vague ah, then the definition can bend anyhow for the ISD to detain pple in many many circumstances. very scary leh. me think this is not good. me believes that religious differences should be worked out through mutual understanding and respectful dialogue lah, not i scared kena ISD detain so i just shut my trap. what u need is more communication, not less. that's what me believe lah.

another thing which happened also is the whole goh meng seng step down from WP news. i read the different articles ah, then i got this question hor: "so what the heck really happened???" this is another eye opening experience for me lah. the media, (especially through selective ommission), can sound neutral but actually maybe it's not. wah, our MSM damn power lei.

the explanation offerred by TVD is that goh meng seng probably kena tricked by netizens (yet another eye-opener for me. net pple so devious one ah) until he say something not so smart, then pple complain to WP, then he siao liao. of course, we also dunno what happened after that lah. was he forced to step down or volunteer one? i think his blog reply is carefully worded, so cannot take at face value also. all this ah, makes me realize, being opposition party ah, really lugi leh. i thought netizens are very pro-freedom of speech one. really make me sigh lah. whatever happened to civil discourse? talk and respectfully debate about ideas?

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