Thursday, November 09, 2006

interlude: purple

ok me just want to say a few things ah. firstly, if you read this post you would know that i've been going through some, um...soul searching, recently lah. actually ah, i got think about stopping blogging completely lah, but on second thought, decided not to liao. instead, me will blog differently than before

you see ah, last time, i just wanted to say my 2 cents worth in every single social/political issue which comes out, and then i want to say solid solid stuff. and then ah, i also want to say one blue way and one purple way, which according to my original idea, each blue/purple post will be substantial enough to stand on its own, yet complements the other post, yet does not repeat material twice. wah damn cool idea, but super difficult to write. in the end spend so much time planning this one write blue, this one write purple, then in the end hor, the issue nobody talk about anymore. sian right?

so now i decided lah. don't need to be so stylistically cool lah. impress other pple for what? only for your own ego only. so now ah, me will still blog sometimes purple, sometimes blue, but won't die die must blog both at once. then ah, i think i'll probably talk less commentary about issues (but still will lah), partly becoz i no got time, partly becoz i scared gahmen whack my backside lah. instead, blue probably will write more philosophy inclined posts. blue alreadi has some ideas what to blog abt, so you all wait and see lah.

but me noob hor! please give comments and advice!! thanks hor.

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kwayteowman said...

The KTM has been busy and only found some time to stop by to visit your blog earlier this evening.

As a follow up to his comments in your previous blog entry, the KTM has the following points for your consideration:

1. You are incredibly bright and talented. Both in terms of clarity of thought and in your command of the language. The KTM hopes that you will continue blogging because you have everything it takes to be a good blogger.

2. That said, you really have to figure out why you blog. If you blog just to show off how smart you are, then I say to you, waste time lah. There are no all that many discerning readers out there; those who are discerning have already figured out how smart you are from what you have already written. :-P

As you know, blogging can suck up a lot of time. You really don't sound like someone who needs to get his ego stroked. :-) You probably get plenty of stroking in school already, so why waste time here?

If you cannot find a convincing reason (to yourself) for why you should blog, you will not last, i.e. this blog will eventually die a natural death. :-)

3. It's hard to sustain a split personality (purple/blue). In fact, if you haven't already noticed, your purple ain't as purple as it used to be --- and your blue and purple are actually converging. ;-) The KTM believes that what's happening is that you are converging to your "inner voice".

You don't have to fight it. It is not entirely a bad thing to have one consistent style that represents you. :-)