Tuesday, November 28, 2006

about my teacher-blogger list

i noticed that this blog suddenly got spike in readership, and then i found out that two of the teacher-bloggers in the list i compiled found out about my list, and wrote responses, linking my blog back. so i thought i better write some clarification about my list of teacher bloggers.

this list is compiled mainly for personal reasons. i am planning to write a post on education in the future, and i thought blogs by teachers would prove to be a very important voice about education from the ground. i decided to publish the list because i thought it would be interesting for my friends, some of whom are teachers or teachers-to-be, to read what some of their peers are saying and feeling about education. I also thought it would be a good idea to compile a list and leave it on a blogosphere, since others might find it useful as well.

the short descriptions i wrote are mainly for me to identify which blog is which. because i do not frequent these blogs, i not familiar with them mah. but nevertheless, it appears that my description of the blogs (or blog authors) were disagreed upon by two the teacher-bloggers, so i've included addendums to those blogs who they like don't think my decriptions very accurate lah. if any of you think like my descriptions is inaccurate and think i should change it, please leave me a note. i'll do something about it. but my main purpose of the list was not like to "review" these blogs lah. i don't have anything bad to say about these blogs. just compiling a list for my own research purposes only mah.

sorry if like i offended or irritated some people.


Piper said...

Hey Fearfully Opinionated,

As I mentioned on my blog, I'm not upset or offended by the description so no worries there. It was good of you to compile the list though. Now I can peek into the lives of other teachers, which can be quite comforting. :)

singaporeteach said...

Yes, don't worry. I am not offended or irritated. I have replied to you in my blog. You will have many visitors to your blog. Just stay true and enjoy blogging.

Fearfully Opinionated said...

piper and singaporeteach,

Thanks for being so nice about it. Actually, I did not REALLY think that either one of you were offended, but this being the blogsophere, I would rather play it safe and be apologetic. Thanks for dropping by.

yanjie said...

hello fearfully opinonated,

as i have blogged about it, i was just surprised that my blog is worth reading to be linked by a stranger, when it is mostly nonsensical stuff. no worries, i do not have issues with others linking me, nor was i offended about your description. it's quite spot on actually.