Saturday, November 04, 2006

noob explores blogosphere & on the 6th day...(blue)

I discovered that sometimes it takes a long time to write a blog post. I formulated the idea behind this post almost a week ago, but I only managed to publish the post 6 days later. I discovered that to be an avid blogger, each day you have to read other people's blogs, the comments on their blogs, maybe add comments of your own, then write your own posts. That could take up to several hours each day.

I discovered that as I read more and more blogs, I felt very inadequate about myself. That whatever I could possibly write in this blog would be substandard compared to all these blogs I'm reading, and perhaps I shouldn't blog at all.

I wondered about the recent spite against all things "elitist", and if the problem was not an "elite" group of people, but values and mindsets which transcend all singaporeans (all humanity?) regardless of social class. Maybe its not about social class, wealth and snobbery, but about kiasuism, vanity, pride, and selfishness?

I discovered that I've been more pre-occupied with blogging to impress, than blogging to express. That is why I feel I shouldn't post anything whom I feel lacks quality compared to the other blogs out there.

I wondered if the singapore blogosphere is more a vent for various different frustrations, than a medium for reasoned debate. Perhaps bloggers are more interested in stating their own points of view for all to read, than trying to engage and discuss with each other.

I discovered that I wanted my blog to be one that people will read and regard it to be one of the best. If it was regarded as any less, I would feel that it would not be worth my blogging. Either you are the best, or you are not good enough.

I wondered if the reason why "elitists" behave the way they do because from young they are put through a system where they are taught to compete with each other. If you do not have 10 A1s, you are not good enough. If you do not have 4As with 2 S papers, you are not good enough. If you do not get into medicine or have an overseas scholarship, you're not good enough. If you're not the best, you're not enough.

I discovered that I am a product of the system.

I discovered that I am an elitist.

I discovered myself.



kwayteowman said...

Well said. Yep, you've gotta figure out why you blog. :-) Then you will find your own identity.

fearfullyopinionated said...

woah dude. KTM reads my blog. I'm honoured.