Wednesday, November 15, 2006

got such thing as "prodigy blogger" or not ah?

i just read Gayle Goh's post on GST hikes. since in one of my earlier posts i sort of said something not so nice about Gayle Goh, i want to compensate by saying nice things now. shame on me for bullying this nice 18 year old girl!

she said her post took her 9 minutes to blog. wah lau. damn zai lah. for me, a post that length takes about one hour plus. probably becoz my england not always very powderful, got idea but dunno how to say, so think long long. then when start blogging that time, started saying something, but by the time blog finish say another thing. then spend many hours type liao ah, read already still think i not very clear. sucks to be a blogger lah. unless you as zai as gayle lah. or maybe just i louzy? =(

she also "urged everyone to look at things objectively". heh =). wise words indeed, despite coming from one so young.

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