Friday, November 03, 2006

noob explores blogosphere & on the 6th day...(purple)

wah, the more i explore the singaporean blogosphere, the more interesting things i find. especially many new things which i never know about such as the AcidFlask incident lah, the Mr Brown incident, the current news going around about Shincorp & the restructuring of TODAY and what happened to nantah in 1980. actually ah, my mom told me about nantah several years ago, but me was too politically apathetic to care, so malu right? actually ah, one week ago me is just the typical politically apathetic singaporean who not very often keep up with current affairs, and not like, very suspicious of our mainstream media. wah kao, after reading so many blog articles this past week, macham i like move to a different reality, just like in matrix neo eating red pill. no wonder blogosphere use the "red pill" metaphor so much lah. (dun laugh at me hor, i say i noob liao wat). indeed, blogs are a good altenative, or at least a supplement, to MSM.

me also pretty much found which are the blogs i really think very zai. me really wish me can write as atas and cheem as xenoboy, as funny as mollymeek, or as cool as kway tiao man (eh, this dude really sell char kway tiao in real life ah? hosay lah). kitana and her 'significant other' are really good bloggers too, and they both say nice things about this blog. that makes both of you really cool lah! but ah, the blog which i realli realli like the most, is the one by bernard leong. becoz me wish i can blog like him, philosophically sophisticated, yet can explain clearly and make it applicable to our context. he probably very good teacher too loh.

then ah, blogging scene also more diverse than i pple ranging from university students like kitana and ben, A-level students like weikiat, gayle goh and even a 16-year old. "high-flyers" like a lawyer, a doctor, and a dude whom sounds very much like a PSC scholar. benard leong is a prof (of entrepreneurship) in NUS (wah....), and this dude (who i suspect to be the incarnation of AcidFlask), is a phd student in US. of couse that's not like a super wide spread lah, sure don't include people who are too poor to access internet or pple who not english literate.

although me realise many good things about blog scene, me also see alot of limitations lah. at first becoz its like so many new things i dunno, i very excited. but then ah, i realise also got ugly side, the whole WSM thing for instance. then ah, like in kitana's blog, the comments so long like macham forum liao, then like in any forum ah, can have pple make trouble. but i also din noe trolls got so sophisticated one lah, pretend to engage in serious discussion, but merely baiting the blog owner and other bloggers.

me also realize, after reading so many good blogs, me is not very good blogger. and maybe me shouldn't blog. after all, i not sure if anything i say got any substance since i so noob, and i not very good writer. aiyah, i just wait and see how lah. besides, my readership so low, not like anybody notcie i write badly right? hahaha.


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