Wednesday, November 15, 2006

me is wondering

me is wondering ah (remember me is noob ah), why so many pple blog about the GST hike ah? isit becoz big news, must blog right? but i dunno why leh, i got nothing to say about the GST hike. maybe becoz i know nothing about economics (i never take O or A level econs mah). in fact, me thinks reading the blogosphere is very good education. me learn alot about economic theories and how taxes work just by reading blogs. but me digress. me is wondering, why must EVERYBODY blog about GST hike? especially those pple who say "wah, GST hike sure harm poor more than rich one lah". the garmen already say later got some package to give to help the poor right? surely you must hear what the garmen's package is first right? of course, you can express your SKEPTICISM about the package now lah, sure, but what most pple seem to be doing is condemning the idea without even listening to the whole story leh. so it seems to me lah.

isit because pple think "wah, got big news/controversy, i must definitely say my 2 cents worth". which is nothing wrong to think that lah. but for some people maybe its also like "wah, confirm got thousands of pple techorati/google 'GST hike', then confirm some will tio my blog one. hosay lah, i can now attract pple to read my blog", which is what some unkindly people might describe as "attention seeking". me admits, i sometimes feel like i am like that also. but me is more scared that when pple technorati my blog ah, then think "wah lau. so louzy blog. waste my time reading".

or maybe i too suspicious of pple's intentions lah. maybe its just "i got view, i blog loh. that's what my blog is for what. for me to express, for me to kao pei garmen, for me to whine, for me to talk cock. who cares if my post not "intelligent" enough, or "sophisticaed" enough, or too "partisan". blog is blog what. not anybody else's business what i blog what". maybe lah. if the blogosphere is a platform just for ranting, or random musing, then okay lah. but see what WSM's ranting got her into.

or maybe lah. just maybe lah, no evidence or philosophical arguments hor. maybe ah, people are not REALLY interested about the poor lah (or maybe only a small number ah). maybe they are so ingrained in their minds "garmen are idiots", that when they hear "GST hike", then they naturally think "wah lau, garmen take my money again" and then very buay song. which is okay to be buay song lah. becoz you voted the garmen in mah. but then, ah, when you already buay song about the garmen take your money ah, you will be less sympathetic towards arguments that say "GST hike not necessary bad thing". because you already buay song liao mah. me is not saying bloggers dun think, but no one is 100% objective mah. things like how buay song you are affects the conclusions you draw from the arguments you read.

now me realizes i sounded alot like what KTM said in his comments to this post. salah lah, why i sound more and more like KTM ah? lidat looks like i got no blain one and i blindly agree with what i read in the blogosphere. wah lau, maybe the garmen is correct about the fact that blogs are dangerous!! so how ah? i know!! to maintain integrity, i must become anti-KTM!!! KTM, you are a blasphemous pro-garmen blogger. how dare you betray your brethren and support the garmen!! you shall die!!!

[eh KTM, i only joking hor. dun throw your kuali at me pls =P]


kwayteowman said...

Young one, you very funny lah. :-) Maybe KTM will retire and you can inherit his wok. :-P

Fearfully Opinionated said...

Not as funny as you lah. You cannot retire yet, KTM. Wait until I have mastered the art of frying kway teow, if not how can I possibly be deserving enough to inherit your "wok"?