Sunday, October 29, 2006

me blog! (purple)

me is noob blogger. one day someone tell me "eh, you got hear about Wee Shu Min not? latest controversy in the blogosphere" and then i say "no leh", then he tell me about this char bor. then i very interested. all along i always interested in stories about elitism one. why leh? next time then i tell you. anyways, so i went to look up different blogs on technorati. then i like, "wah, blogs so interesting one ah", then i started to wonder...maybe i should blog too? i think about the idea long long, but don't know what to say on my blog. the WSM issue so many pple blog abt liao, i sure cannot say anything original one. then ah, i saw something which made me very scared to blog. in singabloodypore got like this post which they say they found another WSM. so of course i curious mah, so i go that blog loh. what i saw really scarded me loh. got so many pple flame him lah, scold him bad word lah, so scary. i so scared this kind of thing happen to me. then i decided maybe don't want to blog liao.

but i still interested in reading blogs lah. so many information you don't know until you read blogs. like about the far eastern review thing. wah lau, how come newspaper don't report this kind of news? sigh. lucky for me, i managed to find a group of bloggers who seem to write blogs which a little more cheem one. then i read this post by kitana. wah kao, zai post right? of course after reading the comments i agree with the comments more than kitana. but still ah, i suddenly feel like very inspired to blog liao. me think, never mind if blog cannot change gahmen or do anything to change the way singapore and singaporeans are. if people read my blog, and i make them think; or if i can exchange ideas with these zai bloggers out there and have a discussion purely based on just wanting to discuss these kind of issues. that's like so cool right?

of course, i still dunno wat to blog about. or how to blog. i noob mah. at first i draft one long long post about elitism and meritocracy, then after 4 hours i read my own writing. wah lau, talking in circles. so i throw that away. then today ah. i got like this damn smart idea. why don't i blog as two separate personalities? this way, i can talk cock and give tongue-in-cheek posts in one persona, then i can give serious serious and cheem cheem posts in the other persona. but i will post both in the same blog. so like readers will find it very schizophrenic. but lidat also cool what. or i think its cool lah. hahaha.

so now this is me first blog post. me is noob, so maybe will do many wrong things. if you got advice or comments for me, i surely very grateful one. but of course, i dun think i'll get many readers lah. i'll wait and see loh.


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