Monday, October 30, 2006

did me mention than me is noob? (blue)

The thing about being new to the blogosphere (other than all the technical mishaps) is that so much has happened already (in the blogosphere) which I don't know about. I spend a good many hours browsing through blog archives, and the result was nothing short of a most enlightening experience.

I admit (with much shame) that I was someone whom was never really interested in current affairs, even though the major events I kept myself updated with MSM. In fact, it was only a chance remark about WSM that brought my attention to the blogosphere. If not, I may have been ignorant for years more about the amount and nature of discussion which happens here. I thought I had some idea of what the blogosphere was like but (this turns out to be quite the repeating theme) I was wrong.

For someone who was only exposed to MSM for information, I did not realize how great the extent of information and variety of views which I have never been exposed to before, found here in the blogosphere. I also realized, that so many people have blogged about so many issues, that it is truly hard to come up with an opinion or an idea so original that nobody have not blogged something similar before.

My journey of discovery into the blogosphere was very much a humbling experience. I previously had thought myself to be an intelligent individual, but when confronted with my own ignorance, I could not help but feel a fool. When I read in greater detail what has transpired on important events in the blogosphere, such as that of the AcidFlask affair, I felt guilty about hastily publishing my previous post, which now appears to me to be trite and insensitive.

I've decided that if I want to blog seriously and people were to read my posts, I owe nothing less to my readers that I've done my homework and thought carefully about what I want to say. So I've decided to go into a semi-recluse for a while, not blogging on current issues, and during this time I continue to read through the blog archives as well as hit the books on topics such as Singapore history and politics.

I do have a few questions which I hope people can help enlighten me about:

1)After the AcidFlask affair, apparently you guys convened at some nightclub for some convention to talk about legalese and stuff. Are the contents of that convention published?

2)Have there been any intelligent voice/representation from elites/scholar-types (other than AcidFlask that is), or those sympathetic to the men in white, in the blogosphere?

In the meantime, before I re-emerge, I may post philosophical topics which I think might be useful to think about, but not entrenched in any specific social-political issues.


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