Monday, October 30, 2006

did me mention than me is noob? (purple)

firstly ah, sorry for those two cool dudes who left me comments on my first post. i was trying to migrate my blog over to blogger beta then the comments kena deleted. sorry dudes. i was like having so much porblems trying to publish using the non-beta blogger. what can i say, i noob mah.

and then before i successfully migrated my blog ah, i tried to use wordpress. then dunno what happen when i was using wordpress lah, but i accidentally left my post on ben's blog as a comment. [eh, sorry lah ben] wah lau. me simple thing like blog also cannot do. html also dunno, dun even know what is this "tagging" thing also.

anyway, i said in my previous post, "anything is more interesting than what can be said about WSM". aiyah, turns out me wrong again. i stumble unto a post by The Void Deck, and i think its really cool. and the first two comments by ted and KTM classic lah.

right now on technorathi ah, WSM still no.1, and her father is like no. 3. i didn't know the WSM-effect so long lasting one ah. that's probably why my first blog got hits mah. was tammy like that also? long time after pple stop talking about her, pple still technorati her because they looking for juicy updates?

aiyah, really dunno wat to say about our blogosphere man.


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