Sunday, October 29, 2006

me blog! (blue)

I believe in rhetoric-free civil discourse. I believe in the respectful debate of opposing views and the sharing of ideas. I believe in mutually agreeing to disagree when both sides fail to convince the other.

I also believe that it is impossible for the majority of the singapore blogosphere to adopt such beliefs.

However, my very recent foray into the singapore blogosphere revealed to me that there are such bloggers, who are more interested in talking critically and intelligentally about issues than flaming junvenille elitists, downloading home-made sex videos, or just whining about their daily lives. [Not that whining about daily lives is bad, just that its not quite what I want to debate with others and spend my free time thinking about] Of course it'll be really cool if I can one day be part of the "serious blogging" blogosphere, but whether I get a high readership matters not to me. (In fact, high readership is actually kinda scary. You need to be so much more careful about what you say)

At the end of the day, I blog because I hope my views are useful enough to warrant the 2 minutes or so spent by whoever reads it on his/her computer monitor. As Ben puts it in this post about WSM (or one of his points anyway), is that the blogosphere is for us to connect with each other. Share ideas, discuss and debate issues. And it matters not if that happens between only 2 people, or if 10,000 people read your views. I believe there is inherent value in intellectual discourse, no matter what the scale. That is why I blog. And hopefully, that is why you are reading this.


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