Sunday, October 29, 2006

Internet is powderful yes, but big blooder lagi more powerderful (purple)

woah dude. i set up my first blog, i go to sleep, then next day find that i got comments liao. not just that, ben mentions me in his latest post. wah lau, damn lot of pressure leh. (macham as stless as those top-jc pple mugging for A level now. dun get straight A then cannot join the elitist gang) lidat now i must start producing serious stuff or i look damn poser. anyways, if you came here via ben's blog, you probably have read kitana's post on the voice of internet, which according to kitana is like macham cult status liao. way cool, kitana. if u read the post like sometime ago, read again. the her own comments below very helpful, but got like this weird argument with some weird dude called darkness.

anyway, what me want to talk about is about the relationship between the blogosphere and the garmen. i never read George Orwell's 1984 before, (but i got read his Animal Farm lah) but i know its about this "big blooder" who is always watching you. some pple say, singapore is lidat too. we all hear horror stories about ISD lah, wah 4 pple play mahjong can also be charged with unlawful assembly. anyway, kitana make very good observation that yes the garmen is reading our blogs. you think ISD won't employ its own people to monitor our blogosphere meh? actually, not bad job ah. get civil servant's pay, and your job is to read blogs. and you probably have to check on high traffic blogs many times once a day, and that could also mean that gayle goh is the most highly monitored 18 year old by the garmen.

but i dunno if kitana is being too optimistic about the garmen monitoring our blogs because they interested in what we think. [maybe that's possible lah, me dun be so cynical and say garmen not so nice one.] but i think lah, probably the people hired to monitor blogs and forums are small fish lah. and like when garmen hire small fish to do jobs, they give them very specific things to watch out for. things like any racial insults not? any serious anti-garmen post not? any post which shows evidence of criminal activity? any MP's daughter say some stupid thing and need the MP to make public apology? any MP make public apology liao but not very smart in his wording, so now lagi worse?

i think, quite unlikely lah, part of the job of the small fish is to answer to the big fish the question "so, after reading all these interesting opinions about our fellow citizens, what can you tell me about their needs and wants as an important part of the singapore population, and how do you think we can best help meet these needs?"

but one thing kitana say is right lah. you look at the singapore blogosphere now, i think the garmen sure think no threat one lah, somemore like so little pple blog only. they sure think "these singaporeans only use the internet to talk cock, insult other people, gossip, download sex videos. lucky then dun realize how powderful the internet can be as a medium to transfer ideas and infomation." maybe they already downsize the blog-monitoring squad liao, for all we know. imagine you kena retrenched because singapore blogs not political enough. sway hor. bud then, civil servants don't get retrenched.

i dunno abt you lah, but i dunno whether to pity or envy the guy who gets paid to monitor xiaxue's blog.


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