Monday, January 29, 2007

update: break over

i've decided to end my break early, possibly spurred on by these words from gayle in her final post:

The good, the bad and the ugly have all crowded their way into the blogosphere, and I can see this in my readers -- more and more of the latter, perhaps.

more and more ugly blogs huh. i do believe this blog isn't one of them (hopefully). and if that's so, then i want to do my part to take up and continue Gayle's original cause in the blogosphere: "to make others aware, to encourage public discourse, to help people think".

the break from blogging (including not reading blogs) has been very good. very restful to not check Intelligent Singaporean everyday, read every link, think about the posts, think about whether or not to comment or whether or not to blog something in response, and actually spend time thinking about what to say if i do blog/comment. very restful indeed =P. i highly recommend taking a break to those overworked bloggers who seem to be spending too much time online *cough* *KTM* *cough*. =P

during the duration of this break, i had the privilege to have dinner and coffee with fellow bloggers, Cognitive Dissonance, and on another occasion, Aaron Ng and Heavenly Sword. i would like to thank all three bloggers for such wonderful company and much delightful conversation. =)

i'm thinking of taking this blog on a slightly new direction. firstly, i will write a series of essays elaborating upon my submitted article to Singapore Angle (on "religious discourse"), some of which are responses to some of the comments i've received. after which, i may actually do some "religious discourse" itself on this blog, perhaps starting with issues related to religion and homosexuality. i will also continue to write stuff here and there on current issues which i feel i might be able to offer insight, and i will probably kao beh a few more times about the lack of communication and respect among bloggers =P. i will however, probably write at a much slower pace, since my offline life now is indeed much more busy than it used to be.

i'm not so self-absorbed to think i got "fans". but i do know that some of you folks do check my blog regularly. hope you guys like the stuff which i'm going to write from now onwards, and they give you new food for thought.

cheers =)

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BL said...

Good to know that you are back.