Tuesday, January 16, 2007

jiat kit kat lah

i'm taking a break.

i'm getting swamped with different projects in my offline life, and i didn't expect replying to comments (or rather, thinking about how to reply) on my article in SA to be this shack. wah cow, i'll never write to SA again man. =P

BL, it's all your fault for inviting me to submit an article!! =P


BL said...

Hi Fearfully Opinionated,

So jia lat meh. Btw, you can choose to respond or not to respond to comments. Sometimes, you just take your time.

Anyway, don't frighten off potential writers leh. We still need to do business. :)

Fearfully Opinionated said...

Orh. You all heard BL ah. Keep submitting your articles to Singapore Angle. The editors may totally rip your article apart, but they are actually really nice people in real life. =P

~[z][x]~ said...

have a good rest. :)

Heavenly Sword said...

Now you know why Heavenly Sword hasn't been writing...too exhausted already, man! :)