Tuesday, August 28, 2007

some updates

i do have some ideas i want to play with, but i'm currently swamped with work (including 2 music performances in september), and i doubt that i'll have the time to blog a proper post until october or so. in the meantime, a few quick updates:

1) Intelligent Singaporean has closed down. i have been thinking what to say about this, but i am unable to come up with anything appropriate. InSpir3d's contribution to the plogosphere this past one year is arguably unparalleled, and i wish him the very best.

2) i have joined Singapore Angle (together with some dude called Teh Si). quite possibly i may write less on this blog now that i am part of SA, or possibly i may not. whatever the case, i will probably be too busy to blog for either until october or so.

3) i am working with (at least) two other bloggers on a (possibly very exciting) blogosphere-related project. watch out for it soon.

4) i just discovered that i'm on the blogroll of this dude from RJC called manman. and just above me in that blogroll is andrea fonseka's blog. hosay lah.

cheers =)

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