Saturday, June 09, 2007

tv irony

i just saw something on tv so amusing i just had to blog about it. i'm currently watching "i not stupid", one of my favorite movies, currently showing on the 10pm-midnight slot on channel 8. in the movie, there was this scene where Jack Neo and his colleagues, who work in the advertising industry, complain about how their proposals get rejected for "inappropriate language" such as "don't play play". in a subsequent scene they complain about the government's attempt to promote "proper english" over singlish.

what i found so amusing was that they had edited the movie to omit the phrase "lim pei", which i guess the media authorities found too crude for tv (or maybe they were trying to discourage the speaking of hokkien and promote speaking mandarin instead? =P). nevertheless, i just found the irony of the edit very amusing. =P

oh fyi, for those wondering about my long absence, yes i am contemplating quitting. in brief, i think i'm bored of the political blogosphere. i may set up a new blog somewhere else, or i may stop blogging altogether. or i may resume this blog again in a few months when i feel so inspired. regardless, don't expect any updates from me soon. for those who have been checking me regularly, thanks for reading =).


Ned Stark said...

Orh Dear! Not another blogger leaving! Ah well...all the best in your future endeavours! Whatsoever wheresoever they may be:D

~[z][x]~ said...


Why not "Religion" then? I honestly think you have a gift there. But if you're already dead set, take care then! It has been a pleasure.