Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i no char bor =(

what? you think FO cannot have V-day blues ah?


here's wishing all married and unmarried couples a very happy valentine's day. may this day be a time of great joy and happiness as you spend time with and shower appreciation on the ones you love. above all else, may you celebrate what many believe to be the most beautiful thing in the world: love.


Kitana said...

Aiyah. Valentine's is overrated lah. All this "I love you, you love me" crap is just an excuse for florists and restaurants to make a huge bunch of money from attached people. It's very fun to be single also; everyone should just go and have fun with their friends, like any other day. =)

Fearfully Opinionated said...

bbbut...what if nobody wants to go out with me? =(

and besides, so crowded.

talking about which, in Japan, it is the national tradition for girls to buy/make chocolate for the guys they like. some guys, in order not to appear loser, will secretly buy/make chocolate for themselves and pretend it was from a girl. one month alter, on March 14th, guys will buy white chocolate back for the girl who they like.

it is said that a chocolate maker probably came up with that idea, and now Japan probably spends several millions of dollars on chocolate products alone these 2 days. Amazing stuff.

Kitana said...


This is ben here btw,

Dun be sad, I go out with you lar

But you dun like gay gay type...